Product Information and Advice

Timstar is the leading supplier of science equipment and resources into education. Working closely with and supported by multiple high-quality specialist manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and partners from all around the world, we formulate a huge range of resources and advice. Providing an unbiased view of the extensive range of education-specific products that we provide, we continue to support you through the ever-evolving changes in Science education. Browse through our different types of support using the links shown. You'll find helpful buying guides, ‘how-to’ guides, worksheets, top-tips, useful classroom experiments and much more.

Find safety data sheets for all of our chemicals products.
These exciting and stimulating electrostatic demonstrations will help show you why you should invest in a Van de Graaff generator!
Using this guide you will be able to determine the key attributes to look for when purchasing a microscope.
Ensure that you are buying the right quality chemicals for your school science laboratory.
A resource pack which covers the Biotechnology Basics and helps design cutting-edge biotechnology experiments for your classroom laboratory.
A handy guide to help you expand your knowledge in the care and maintenance of your laboratory consumables.
5 of the most important things to consider when planning a new build or refurbishment of a science laboratory.
Ensure science teachers, technicians and students are working with the safest and reliable equipment.
A handy information pack containing an extensive range of product-related and technical top-tips.
Covering Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Microscopy, download your exciting practical experiments here.
This guide will equip those involved with the relevant information to construct effective science departments in education.
Here you will be able to see all of the exciting experiments and Timstar kits that Poppy has been experimenting with.