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  • How is this to be stored?
    The instructions advise to remove cell after use. This can be difficult as you need to remove screws which can be very tight. The supplier advises leaving cell in & wrapping whole item in cling film or to put it in a zip top plastic bag to prevent the cell from drying out.
  • What is the suitable spare bulb for OP94745?
    Bulb for OP94745 is OP110950 (priced at £1.79)
  • What size are these?
    These are 150 x 4mm.
  • How do you identify the 3 silver metals?
    To identify the 3 "silver coloured" metals - All the rods weigh approx 2.4g, Steel - 7g Nickel - 8g. aluminium - 9g
  • How thick is the Aluminium (hard), Copper, Nickel Silver and Zinc
    These are approx 1mm thick.
  • Are these individually wrapped?
    These are not individually wrapped.
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  • What does the CVS stand for? Is it a form of packaging or a statement of purity?
    “Concentrated Volumetric Solution” – for example PO5004 potassium permanganate 0.02M CVS will make a 0.02M solution when made up to a litre with water
  • Hi, how many mols of DCPIP are in these tablets please?
    There’s 0.1 g DCPIP per tablet, which is approx. 0.0004 M. To make up a 0.1 % solution, add one tablet to 100 mL distilled water.
  • What are the recommended voltage ranges for the coils?
    The important thing to control is the current. Use an ammeter in series, and slowly turn the voltage up, ensuring the current doesn't exceed 8 A.
  • I was wondering what the dimensions of the strips are so I can accurately calculate the second moment of area. Also was wondering what the young's modulus of the specific steel was. SI68186 Resonance Strips Set
    The dimensions of the strips are: Lengths: 75 mm, 85 mm, 95 mm, 115 mm, 125 mm and 145 mm. Width: 8 mm. Thickness: 0.5 mm. No exact figure is available for the Young’s modulus, but it will be approximately 210 GPa
  • HI,Please could you tell me if the waves produced by the transmitter are polarised or unpolarised? OP74690 Wave Kit
    Yes, they’re polarised, and the receiver is also sensitive to one plane of polarisation, in line with the transmitter

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